Li Shuang
Peixuan Jiang

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1.Choose your start location

When you open the page, it will show you the google map.There is the panel on the left for you to choose the start location. You can either choose the current location or input the address you want. You should also specify the search radius. The default value is 5 miles. After all done, the map will point to your current location and the bike selection near you.

2.Choose your bike location

After choosing, you can click the most suitable bike point you want and on the right side, it will show you the details of the route information After you click the borrow bike button, it means you confirm that location and the rest of the points will disappear.

3.Choose your destination

It is time to input the final destination. After you do so, click the here we go button and it show you the route and the detailed information is on your right.

4.Return your Bike

When you finish biking, you can pick a place to return your bike. Select the place and click confirm return button.