About This Page


Alex Rodd


This Map is designed to help people find music venues, bars that frequently have musical acts, and popular Record Shops, around the columbus area, all within a bufered distance selected by the user. It is designed in an easy to use fashion and has a sleek look.

Venues Mapped

Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, Newport Music Hall, The Bluestone, A&R Music Bar, The Basement, Alrosa Villa, Shadowbox Live, Big Band Dueling Piano Bar, Skully's Music Diner, Hollywood Casino Columbus, Rumba Cafe, The Tree Bar, The Shrunken Head, Park Street Tavern, Ace of Cups, Dick's Den, Fourth Street Bar and Grill, The Green Room, Mikey's Karaoke Bar, Used Kid's Records, Magnolia Thunderpussy, Spoonful Records, Lost Weekend Records.

How Info Was Gathered

Each location was found independently by searching the web for addresses, geocoding those addresses, and writing them up in a txt file.

other credits

Pictures and marker clip art was found by google image searching